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Finding your stress release tool.

As individuals, it is important to find your inner peace. For some of us, it is harder than for others, but if there is one thing I have learnt over nearly 50 years of life, is that we all need an outlet. For me, it is my motorbike. It is a sense of meditation, of being one with the road and the bike. My sole focus is on the ride; navigating the twists and turns, following your nose, not to mention how it literally brings a smile to my face as I lean in to a corner, throw a bit of throttle and power around the bend.

Gone are the days of wanting to ride at the speed of lightning. It is like I have gone full circle, back to a simple bike, faster than my GN250 I first saved up and had 35 years ago; but with the same simple lines as that first bike, just with a bit more "style", being Italian of course.

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