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Building a new site ..

With the beauty of technology I am working on building this new blog site. I have decided I have lots to say and a forum like this is perfect where I can share my thoughts and ideas about all sorts of thing. Mostly it will be share my travels on GG, my Moto Guzzi; my latest bike I own and love.

I use GG to go to work often, but my favourite pass time are longer trips away and with this Covid business this has been my escape from the reality of keeping my restaurant business going and unequivocally helps me to deal with my stress levels.

For years I had a blog under this same domain and wrote on it often, especially during my overseas travels. Although I can still find it under the blogger address, somehow most of my photos of all my previous travels (and bikes) have been lost.

So, as I see fit, I will add my 10c worth to all things here.

My trusty steed - GG - MotoGuzzi V7ii Special - 2016

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